Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Now as you close your eyes, know I'll be thinking about you..."

Do you know what song that's from?

Let me give you a minute to Google ... hahaha (Okay some of you won't need the power of the almighty Google for that.)

Today is the day after I finished eraserbyte. It's a loud loud afternoon. It's an old school Bon Jovi afternoon. It needs to be. Keeping the 'end' gloom at bay. Keeping the Faith.

I get to do this all again whenever the inspiration strike. It's kinda cool. :)

In fact today I bought a new notebook and new pens (surprisingly they have colored ink ... yeah, nah. Not me!). The notebook is on the shelf. I'm not ready for it yet. But it's there when I am. And it won't be long before Ellie starts talking again. Currently she's busy. Rude to talk with your mouthful.

Was asked if I'm nervous/worried about this book (eraserbyte). Five months ago I wouldn't have written it. Things change. This blame this one on mum, shall we? :)
So no, I'm not worried about it. I'm excited to see what people think. I'm happy with the first draft as happy as I've been with any first draft ... maybe a little happier because for the first time in a long while ... yeah never mind. You'll see.

Now I have things to do ...
* I'd kinda like a trailer for soundbyte and snakebyte that can be viewed publicly. (That sounds bad ... not what I mean at all, although it might be the case for eraserbyte, hahaha)
* finish this proposal.
* write a Romeo story for a greyhound anthology.
* Notes for Saturday's 'Writer's Plot'
* Still need to come up a way of giving away a copy of snakebyte - no, I haven't done that yet.
* there's a heap of stuff that needs doing that's not at all fun, but has to be done.
I'll just add to this as I remember things that haven't been done, shall I?

We have a new photo on Facebook and Twitter.  And yes you can tell how long I've been on Twitter by the name on my profile .. it's mine, no numbers, no weirdness. :)

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