Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 ... 50K July

So today is the first of July and the first day of the Writer's Plot 30 or 50k challenge.
I'm making it easier on everyone this time around.
I don't care what they write ... I don't care if it's a new book, a new collection of shorts, a continuation of something they're been working on ... whatever ... I just want to see them get words on paper. (Good words preferably. :))
We're looking at increasing word counts on existing works or writing new stuff ... just fucking write. (and maybe don't drink port and blog?)

This time around I'm taking part too.

I'm intending to finish a first draft of the 7th byte novel this month. That involves about another 50k+ words.
Of course those words actually have to work with the story ... that's where the fun is.
Oh yeah. Big fun.

I've been slow this year.
I hate having a low output.
(low output equals - Rebel publishing soundbyte, two short stories in various anthologies and me finishing the writing of snakebyte and publishing it myself for a limited time ... two months people and it will disappear into the ether so don't mess around thinking you'll get it after you've finished the other 5 books... Aug 26 is the last day snakebyte will be available.)
Drives me nuts.
Okay, I can give myself a fairly substantial excuse for the low output ... but it's an excuse and it wouldn't wash with mum so why should it wash with me?
One of the last things she did say to me while I was sitting on the floor next to her bed in the hospice was "You should be working."
So, no excuses.
I've been slack.
Time to pick up the pace.

I need this 50,000 words ... I need this book finished. It's different, harder to write, seems more personal than usual - because it really is. It just is and that makes it tougher to get my head around at times ... not always, sometimes it makes it more fun. :) Confused yet? Welcome to my world. :)

I also need to get a proposal written for something I want to do next year. I've thought about it most of the day - I think I know where I'm going with it. Had some good advice from best friend/unofficial manager regarding this thing that I want and how to approach the people concerned - so, I write this thing, make a call, and cross my fingers. I am what they're looking for, they just don't know it yet. But they will.

Unrelated ...
In 2 days life is going to be a little strange. Best that I acknowledge this now so it doesn't blindside me on July 3rd. If I seem a little off, a little quiet, or maybe MIA that day ... it's to be expected. It's a sucky anniversary and the first time dad and I have experienced it without mum. It could be fine or it could be shit ... no way of knowing until it hits.

Hope your Monday was as good one.
Mine was a recovery day.

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