Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a bit crazy but now it's done ...

Not even kidding, writing eraserbyte has been crazy.
It's different. It involved moving the invisible lines and stretching my wings.
About an hour ago I wrote The End.
The first draft is sitting just under 90k.
Which means I've written over 57k since July 1. Not bad going. :)

Now ... mixed feelings.

Writing The End is a relief, is joyful, is satisfying, is hollow, is sad, is so many things all at once. It's quite hard to explain. Doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times I write it. It's still followed by a vacuum.

Now what?

No idea. The void awaits.

In a few days/weeks ...
I'll read the manuscript over a few times and make notes about things I've forgotten, scenes that need filling out or moving or trimming. And then I'll let someone read it and wait (panic) for the verdict. And fix anything that turns up. Then I'll let another person read it and wait (panic) and again fix anything that turns up. THEN it will sit for some weeks.
Then it will get read again and see if anything else pops up.
Once I'm sure everything is as it should be, I'll submit it to Rebel.

I haven't written a log line for this book yet ...
What's it about?
eraserbyte is about evil. The lengths people will go to to get what they want.
But it's not all bad ... it's also about love.

Meanwhile ... shrugs ... I'm going to enjoy knowing it's got a beginning, middle, and end. Give myself a day or two then find something else to occupy my time for a little while.
I'm pretty sure I know what that will be.
I need to figure out this marketing/promo thing and actually find a way to enjoy it.
I need to finish a proposal and submit it.
I'm still waiting on information regarding an arts festival in London next year.

There's stuff to do ...
Maybe even a few short stories.

Also want to giveaway a signed copy of snakebyte ... but no idea how yet.

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