Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And then ...

School holidays ... so far so good (that probably jinxed it). Okay, it's true we're only 3 days into the holidays. Plenty of time for the girls to drive me mental. :)

The whole me not being in the room thing is still working. The minute I appear all hell breaks loose. So, I'm just keeping out the way really. It's weird. Breezy will come hang out in my room for a little bit while I'm working ... she lies on my bed and plays with oracle cards and medicine cards, doesn't bug me at all, just chats away ... all good. So apparently if she's in my space, it's okay?

So sunny this morning I had to shut one curtain so I could see my screen! Nice. Loving the sun. Will be out in it at lunch time. That's going to annoy the girls, because they're coming too. :)

Meanwhile ... working.
Woke with a scene I didn't expect in my head (bonus) ... was one of those weird things where you wake up in a dream (ever done that?) so I wasn't sure if I was awake or if I was dreaming that I was awake. As it transpired I was definitely dreaming I was awake. As the dream progressed I realized I wasn't me either, I was Ellie. When I actually woke I wrote it down. I know where it fits in the story. And you don't need to know any more. So, that's where the talk of dreams will end. :)

Saturday is Writer's Plot day. We shouldn't be bugged by the nutjob this week. I heard he was being trespassed. Hooray. He seemed a little too keen to be near the group, big library, plenty of room ... no need for anyone to sit close to us and interrupt with fucked up observations about our conversations. I saw him in town the other day, he was ahead of me, so I went a different way. Not keen on running into him on my own.
Little bit scary because he's so very unbalanced.
Hating that I still attract lunatics.
Must cultivate a I-can-kill-you-and-you-won't-see-it-coming persona to deter these nutters.

Back to work for me.
Maybe some more coffee.

Holy caffeine withdrawal Batman!

But before I go .. this months 50K challenge ... 17 days and 34K. Happy with that. :)


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