Monday, June 3, 2013

Something so familiar ....

That's not always a good thing. Nice to be able to breathe today.
Moving on ...

It's been a long weekend ... no actually long. Four days long. :) It's also been pretty good. There have been some definite highlights and most of which cannot be spoken about here. hahahaha

Yesterday afternoon was an Admin afternoon/evening. So much fun! Admin Bubbles and I played Xbox (Kinect) adventures ... we'd been drinking ... it was truly hilarious. Such fun!!
Jelly donut shots - delicious. Dangerously so.
Admins were pretty darn tired from an 11 hour fire call. (might have been longer, no doubt Admin Bubbles will correct that if I got the time wrong!)

Yesterday I didn't work. Or maybe I did but not a lot. I can't remember to be honest.

The current WIP - eraserbyte - is about 14K. Not huge yet ... involving a lot more thought than usual. Haha. Challenging at times. Just trying to remember things and also work with a new character. Luckily he's challenging in a good way. And I had some help and that was awesome and I know I can ask for more. :)

Action Man is up at Wright's Fortress today doing shooty things with old guns. The girls and I opted to stay home. It's freaking cold up there and quite frankly not the most interesting place - once you've been through the tunnels - you've been through the tunnels. :)

The kids are doing kid stuff ... turns out when I'm not in the room they are lovely kids! Who knew??
Working upstairs now seems to be the right time. No fighting, no screaming, no whining ... the girls pop up and see me then carry on.
Loving this.
Long may it last.

Also loving my room. Definitely needed my own space. :)

This was the view this morning:

Gotta love it.

Right, now, working...

Edited to add: Yeah, the work thing today ... turned into a sleep thing. Must've needed it. Now quite perky ... watch out. :-)

See ya.


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