Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Notebooks, Brazil nuts, dried apricots and cranberries.


Not really ... bear with ...

We all know I like notebooks, yeah? And every book I write has a couple of notebooks that go along with it ... I think in them. I play with scene descriptions. I write odd things. And sometimes those notebooks make interesting reading. I tend to carry them with me so I can make notes or jot down words as they pop up.
Not so long ago, while I was looking for something, I came across one of the terrorbyte notebooks ... it has maps, comments, random thoughts, sentences that made it to the book and some that didn't, screeds of information on chlorine gas and various delivery systems, word lists, chapter outlines, and completely unrelated stuff - a random shopping list,  reminders for me to do things - dentist appts and doc appts scrawled across the middle of otherwise blank pages, and the occasional page that resembles a journal entry.
I keep the notebooks that pertain to various novels. It's getting crowded in the box those notebooks live in.

This new book - eraserbyte -already has a notebook. A nice suede purple notebook and already it is so messy it's unbelievable. Every now and then (for no apparent reason) I turn notebooks and write sideways in them. No idea why. Always have. Also scrawl in the middle of pages, use post-it notes, highlight various things in a multitude of colors. Use different colored pens. In fact this notebook has gotten so out of hand I decided to tidy it up. I thought I'd decant the important information into a new notebook ... and start from that ...
So I did.
The new notebook doesn't feel as nice. :(  I'm not loving it.
It's more visually acceptable ... I could take it out in public? hahaha but you know what ... I prefer the scrawled messy comfortable purple suede notebook. Maybe this book is just messier from the get go? Feels like that might be the case. So many explosions - which is always fun.

Which brings me to Brazil nuts and dried apricots ... nah, not really ... :)

When I'm working I snack on nuts and dried fruit ... apricots and cranberries being my favorite. But Brazil nuts ... now there is a magical nut. :)
I'd been getting a  lot of cramp in my feet and hands - rather annoying. Banana's weren't working ... But Brazil nuts ... they work. So, there you go.  2-4 Brazil nuts a day ... no cramp. Winning!!

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