Friday, June 14, 2013

My room ...

This is my room.

It used to be The Boy Wonders electronic cave ... not joking. It was usually dark and was stuffed full of electronics ... and clothes. Lot's of clothes.

Now it's mine ... finally somewhere for me. :)

Complete with my original desk ... which I love. I wrote killerbyte and terrorbyte at that desk ... and maybe even most of exacerbyte. My dad bought the desk for me a long time ago.

Action Man tried to say he wanted this room ... yeah nah! He had our room. He's always had our room. When I looked around ... my stuff wasn't there. I had the nightstand that was it. Hmmm. Mostly 'our' room was a man cave. Two computers (not mine), man gear, gun cases ... you name it. Action Man stuff.

When I said I was going to move into The Boy Wonder's room Action Man laughed.
He did not actually think I would.
It took me a few hours and I tore the cartilage in my wrist (again) but ... by the time he got home from work on May 31st ... I had my own room.

Now, there has been some brilliant spin offs ...

1. The kids. I'm not working in the middle of the house any more. They can't see me while I'm working. Now, the thing that happened .. and it was immediate ... the fighting stopped. The screaming brat that Breezy had been from 3pm until 6pm every freaking day ... no longer exists. I'm not in the room trying to work and referee ... there is nothing to referee. She isn't being yelled at and isn't spending the afternoon on the naughty step screaming. I can work.

2. I get SLEEP. I get to sleep in a bed that doesn't hurt my back and is exactly how I like it. That is HUGE. For years and years our bed has caused me pain. It's always been too soft for me. I spent as little time as possible in it because it just hurt.

3. I can work whenever I feel like it. I can read until I fall asleep which is what I love to do. I'm not disturbing Action Man with the light or my tapping on my laptop or anything.

4. Another spin-off ... and you don't need to know what that is. :) Just accept that it's a good thing and we're enjoying it.

5. It's my room. It's a girl room. For the first time in a long time I don't have to share. God I love that. :)

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