Monday, June 10, 2013

May your past be the sound ...

It's early Monday morning.

Not a great nights sleep but that's okay. Drifting is good. Bits and pieces of the new book floated in and out of my consciousness all night. Some conversations/scenes cemented. They're waiting for me to write them.
I can see Ellie and Mitch, standing, facing each other in her office.
They'll stay like that until I have time to write the conversation they're having. :)

First, I need to get the kids up and breakfasted, then off to school and Romeo walked ... then I can work. It's going to be a quieter day today - just me at home with the dog (and the pain in the ass, otherwise known as Missy The Boy Wonders cat!).
It needs to be, the weekend was busy, I need today to recover! :)

For the last few days two songs have been playing a lot, not just on the stereo but in my head. The first being 'Beneath your beautiful' and the other 'Carry on'.
Both awesome songs.
And relevant to this book.
Also, Adele ... 'Rolling in the Deep', 'Turning Tables', 'Someone like you', 'I found a Boy'.
I know ... where's the Bon Jovi??
It's there too, things haven't changed that much. Specifically, 'Room at the end of the world', 'What's left of me', 'Thick as thieves', '(you want) to make a memory', 'The last night' ...

So far (about 18% into the writing process) no rock ballads. And it only seems strange now that I'm thinking about the playlist I'm listening to as I write!!
There may well be a few pop up as I get further into it but so far ... not a one!
Fascinating. (Probably only to me though)

Have a good Monday ...

See ya xx

Edited to add - add Kevin Costner & Modern West to the music mix Turn It On ... yeah the whole album.
There is definitely a theme with this book and it's not the usual one!

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