Monday, June 24, 2013

Looking back over 11 years ...

This morning I put my publishing history together ... time consuming ... but for me also interesting.
It shows just how hard I've worked over the last eleven years to get here.
Eleven years ago my first short story was published in an American anthology.
Seems like such a long time ago.
Since this journey began I've had 16 short stories (some more than once), 5 novels, and 1 novella published. Also 5 of my shorts have appeared in recent anthologies, by invitation. (Now that's cool!)

I've released a collection of _byte short stories and a collection of previously published shorts.

I've written 30+ short stories, 6 byte novels, a kiwi novel, a novella, a radio play, a screen play, and countless poems (which quite frankly are crap but fun to write). I'm also in the 2nd year of hosting a writer's group/workshop at the city library.

The 7th byte novel, my current WIP,  is a bit different to previous bytes. It's posed a whole new set of challenges and I'm enjoying it.

This year feels kinda slow compared to last year but that's okay. My current WIP requires me to slow down somewhat.

I didn't sleep much last night thinking about what I've achieved and where I'd like to go from here. I have definite ideas and a goal or two in mind. They are achievable and within reach.
I didn't quite grasp how achievable my goal is until I saw my publishing history in black and white (actually green and white, the black ink ran out, hahaha).

Today was the first step. Getting it all written down.


Ticking things off the list.

And ... so excited about the weekend!
Can't wait to get away and have some fun.

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