Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just freaking excellent!

That was my day ... yours?

I kinda encouraged someone to try something and he did and it was AWESOME.
(And again you grubby little people ... not anything dodgy.)

This is all to do with writing.

As you all know I get a little fired up about writing  - because - well - it's fun! It really is.
 It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. (Not kidding, I've done a lot of fun things but writing is definitely the top of the 'clothes on' heap.)
I don't very often get to share my total delight at writing with anyone during the writing phase ... it's all me all the time. Sharing doesn't come until after, until there is a book, until I ask for beta readers and also send the book to Action Man's kindle for his eagle eyes to find my screw-ups.
So this, my fuzzy little friends, this new thing ... is all kinds of joy for me.

Seriously fun.

So much fun. I can't even tell you.

Not everyone can write. We know this.
There are plenty of people who think they can and shouldn't... but also plenty of people who think they can't and can and still more who have never thought about it.

Natural born story tellers are all around us. If someone can make a work story about a printer issue entertaining ... then imagine what they can do with fiction? :)  Really!
It is such a buzz to find that well in a person, that untapped reserve of ability and to turn the tap just a little to see what's really in there.

This book that I'm writing now - is already the most shared work in progress since killerbyte ... that's a really big thing. For me to share raw unedited chapters of a WIP ... that's not happened in 9 years and then it was mainly conversations about various things and a fact checking environment. That's not this. :)
No one usually sees more than a paragraph or two of anything I'm working on until it exists in its entirety.
No one gets any input in my work ... not until later, much much later.

This time ... input is a thing, and I love it.
This time ... it's not just me. Also, love it.
This time ... when it gets scary someone else knows.
This time ... is just more fun.

But the crazy thing is ... I'm not having to explain the story at all. It's unfolding as they always do ... which is good, cos to be honest I have no idea where it's going to end up or anything else. as was pretty damn obvious when I was writing last night and the Navy Yard exploded.

So, having fun, loving this new adventure and writing with someone. :)

Just loving everything right now.

Oh and this new book is full of Mitch.
Yeah, if you haven't met him yet ... your loss.

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