Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's twisty and I like it :)

Not so fond of the winter weather ... but I am liking the twisty joy I'm uncovering in this new byte novel.
So much fun. OMG. I can't even tell you ... well, I actually can't ... because I don't know where it's leading but it's definitely going somewhere.

Yesterday was a explosive research day ... along with checking out FPS EDD teams.
This time around my bad guy/s (don't yet know how many there are) aren't using a homemade explosive - which is good, because man, that shit was hard to deal with and just wouldn't work for what's happening in eraserbyte - too unstable. This time it's good ol' Semtex. Hard not to love something that comes in orange ... okay that might just be me ... but hello ... it's orange!
(The only way that could be any better would be if it came in Ford's kinetic blue and Suzuki's aspen yellow - think a '72 TM, that color. If it came in those colors I could make like a mini orange, blue, yellow rainbow with it ... yep, that's normal thinking! And yes I am that detailed when it comes to my love of orange, blue, and yellow ... moving on)
Originally I wanted something the dogs wouldn't detect ... but then I had a brainwave and realized that didn't matter. In fact if the dogs did find some explosives ... well all the better. :)
So that was yesterday. Fun. Really fun.
I also discovered that Jojo is awesome at coming up with ways of concealing explosives. (She's definitely my kid!)

Also, it's possible that I received the funniest email ever. Not sharing, but still laughing.

So, today. I'm working.
I'm writing.
I found a twisty swirly OMG moment. Love it.
You know that thing when you think you know who could be behind something?
Even though in this case I don't think that is what I think it is. So I'm really excited to find out what is going on.

Meanwhile - nothing exists. The world outside is shrouded in grey murk. Think I'll stay in and write.

Have also got a few things to think about regarding Writer's Plot. Which is this weekend. I'm struggling to maintain my enthusiasm.
Bit jaded? Yeah, maybe.

I'm looking forward to going away next weekend. Need a break.

Jeez is suddenly got really cold!

Still haven't come up with a way of giving away this prize pack ... still thinking.

Friday - it's stormy. The storm battering the region has been likened to the Wahine Storm - that's pretty stormy! It's apparently akin to a category 1 or 2 Atlantic hurricane. We're getting 130 kph wind gusts. It's breezy out and very wet. It's also freaking freezing and it's not as much fun as it could be.

Eraserbyte just topped 30k. Most pleased with this. :)

Now, you may resume your day. :D

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