Thursday, June 27, 2013

Instead of Where's Wally ...

Wanna play Where's Cat? (Although to be fair Wally still works, hahaha ... have a white hat and red jacket ... pretty close but no stripes!)

I'm going away this weekend.
And I haven't said where.
Squealer and I are really excited about it too!!

I planned this trip some weeks back. It's just me and Squealer.

Was thinking about it this morning and thinking about this pretty damn cool prize pack I have sitting here ... and the two just kinda meshed.

Starting from .... this Friday night (June 28) ...I will Tweet and Instagram pictures of me or what I can see until I get home again on Sunday night.

Be the first person to figure out WHERE in New Zealand we are spending our weekend and you'll win the prize pack (see below).
An extra prize will go into the pack if you see us and get a picture - good luck with that. :)

Tweet your guesses to @catconnor
or leave a comment here!

I will DM the winner on Monday morning.


1. This is only open to people in New Zealand.
2. Writer's Plot (because you might know) cannot enter this one. Also ... Admins, and close family cannot enter this one - because you do know! hahaha (No comments from you lot thanks!)
NB: It's perfectly okay for my NZ cousins to enter, however, because no one outside of my immediate family has been told where I'll be. :)
3. Be specific with your answer ... North or South Island won't cut it.
4. Prize pack includes ... signed copy of Torrent, CD of all 5 byte novels (kindle format) with bonus PDF ARC of snakebyte, and a tote bag.

Such fun!!


Bonus question for an extra prize (yeah that's right!)

Why is this candy bar significant to Ellie?

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