Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'll stand by you

Not a song I usually hear ... but nice. I like it.
Kinda works for the morning.

Decided to work early.
Re-read Chapter ten.
I didn't get it the first time around - two reasons ... I tried to skip my way to the end of the chapter without doing the hard stuff that was necessary to get my main character to the end of the chapter. Naughty. Also, and this is directly related to the first thing, I got to the end but the emotion/feeling was lacking.
But the nice thing with this book is there is someone there who is okay to say "Nah, you missed." (But a helluva lot nicer than that!)
I knew I missed.
I so missed.
After a wee pep talk I went back. "You can do this Grasshopper."
From the beginning of the chapter. I saw the stuff Ellie didn't want to see ... I worked my way to the end ... and nailed it!

Was it laziness the first time around? No, it wasn't. It was avoidance. I knew what happened at the Navy Yard, I wrote it! I didn't want to get too close to it. That's quite a balancing act when you write First Person like I do. I didn't want to be in Ellie's head any longer than I absolutely had to be... and it doesn't work if I do that. Writing from behind walls just doesn't work.

Anyway. It's done now. Moving on.

Also, discovered the first chapter isn't. It's not early enough in the story. So, yesterday, new first chapter.
Such fun.

Today - Writer's Plot at the library.
Can't wait. :)

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