Saturday, June 15, 2013

I love ideas that hit by accident

And stick and turn out to be freaking awesome. :)

Seriously, so fired up to work today.

Why? Because I was reading a Voxer message from The Boy Wonder and I tapped the message ... and it brought up a map. No big deal. GPS. Mostly just fun and cool to see where he was when he sent the message. (at the place they are staying in Rome) ... Except it fired something in my brain and I can see the application in Eraserbyte. I was looking for away of tracking three people ... also using a refined roving bug but ... I can use Voxer as well.
It's all coming together in my mind. Loving it. Loving it sooo much.

Apart from that (my start to Saturday). A couple of things to share.

1. Fabo review of soundbyte.  And if you've read soundbyte you might just recognize Tara's name! Yes she is a real person. :)

2. I was playing around looking for competition ideas - because I have a fairly awesome prize pack to giveaway (still haven't made a decision on how to do that) and I created these ...
Byte Series Jig Saw Puzzles.
They are a bit addictive ... but fun. I did five of them yesterday afternoon and last night. That's right, I had nothing better to do ... FYI if you're drinking and doing puzzles ... it'll take longer. :)

As soon as I can figure out what sort of competition to run I'll let you all know.
Meanwhile, it's FROSTY outside and I'm still in bed. I love that I'm still in bed ... I do however need better minions ... ones who can use the espresso machine.

Hope you have a safe weekend.

Oh ... my jig saw times:
exacerbyte - 55 minutes  - I was VERY distracted :) :)
terrorbyte - 29 minutes
Cake - 18 minutes
All the covers - 17 minutes
snakebyte - I can't remember!!! hahaha

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