Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I can't do it without music ...

It's true.
I've tried.
If there is no music there are no words. :)
(What did you think I meant?? Rude!)

I made dinner  -  it's now cooking (lasagna is in the oven - doesn't require supervision - this is not unattended cooking there will be no killing.)

Thought I'd pop upstairs and do some writing. It was quiet up here ... as it would be, no one is up here!
I sat down and the silence tried to swallow me.
That won't do.
I changed the CD and hit play ... now I have words. Lot's of them ... they're freaking everywhere. This could be tricky. None of them will quietly form sentences. Not sure what's going on but willing to blame Mitch.
You'll find out.
Read soundbyte ... then go to the Byte Club jump through a small hoop and you'll get a copy of snakebyte and THEN you'll find out who Mitch is.
He's worth knowing.
He really is. :)
Can't stress that enough ... hahaha
You'll kick yourself if you miss out.
It'll be one of those things ... everyone's talking about something/someone and you can't join in ... hate that. :)

Okay I'm done toying with you.

This weekend we're talking Writer's platforms (no, not shoes, it's not the freaking seventies), social media, and poetry. I don't want to talk about poetry any more than Ellie does ... so that will be a short discussion. :)
Once upon a time an English professor at NYU was impressed by one of my poems. He said very nice things ... and it was lovely. Would've been considerably better if I knew what he was talking about but I never took much notice of things like iambic pentameter and so forth in college. I just write, if I like it and it feels right, then it works for me.

Today has been pretty good.

Back to Mitch.
I mean work ... hahaha

I did something mean today ... I sent one of my favorite people a copy of snakebyte but I didn't warn her about something and I should have. But I think she'll be okay, it all works out in the end ...I'm sure she'll forgive me. Sure of it ...



Don't hate me Tara. :) :)



Michelle said...

Heh. Tara _might_ forgive you. It's a tough call. :)

Cat Connor said...

Was pretty mean of me not to warn her ... hope she forgives me!! :)

I see you...

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