Monday, June 17, 2013

Finding my happy place

For years my happy place has been Fairfax County, VA and to a certain extent Washington, DC. It's no secret. I am happy in Fairfax (and DC) ... I don't have to physically be there (but that works like freaking magic ... and it is so very hard to leave). I can send my mind there when I need to recharge and walk around the streets.
It's where Ellie's world is.
I love her world. I like hanging out with her and Delta A. It just makes me happy. Even when the bad stuff happens, I like being there ... sometimes I can't breathe, sometimes I don't want to look, sometimes it rips my heart apart, sometimes I laugh so hard I cry ... but the point is I am fully immersed in that life and from that place I write.

The weekend was a massive fail when it came to writing. Sitting at my desk I couldn't get back to Fairfax. It just wouldn't happen. The music I usually use, didn't work. Re-reading the last scenes ... didn't work. Frustrating! The thing that really annoyed me was I could see three different scenes in my head. Clear. Complete. Scenes.
Yet I couldn't get to the place I needed to be to write them.
Really, WTF?

Thinking about it now, it was like something was holding me here. I couldn't break free.

Very odd. I don't generally have much of an issue with being able to write. I have concentration issues ... and just plain lazy issues ... but never writing issues.
So, I picked up my notebook early on Sunday morning (but not THAT early, because I actually slept in ...), curled up in bed and wrote long-hand.

A few minutes ago I read the pages in my notebook. Turns out the magic happened like it always does, it just happened in a notebook and not on my laptop. :)
At least I know what to do next time. hahaha

Meanwhile ...

This is fun! Twitter video

And I did every one of these jig-saws over the weekend! Talk about addictive!!

Still haven't come up with a suitable competition for the awesome prize pack I have sitting here ... but I will. :)

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