Wednesday, June 12, 2013

eraserbyte (updated)

Today was a struggle.

My writing was crap.

Tomorrow will be better.
I tapped out, therefore couldn't connect to my characters .. yeah, we've been there before just recently. The learning part of my brain is laughing at me.
That's okay, I'm used to being laughed at ... even by my own brain.

Tonight I'm making (have made) vege soup. Delicious. Healthy. Pretty much guarantees Breezy will hate it. :)
It'll be fun. Breezy will bitch and moan and become Action Man's problem very freaking quickly. :)
Squealer will eat it and love it. She's into eating everything in front of her these days ... great! Such a change from a few years ago.

Meanwhile ... not working tonight. Will watch something mindless on TV and go to bed early. Hopefully that will involve sleep. Sleep is good. We like good and sleep. :)

Only 16 days until the Squealer and I head off for a mini-break. Looking forward to it. Will be nice to have a weekend with Squealer without the competitive 7 year old!

Ah Action Man is home ... the dog just told me. :)

EDITED to add.

Too lazy to write a whole new post today ...

I think I fixed the problem with this book. I can't write me. It's not going to happen no matter how much Admins want it to. The only way around it is to change everyone's names and create new images in my head. So I did.
New names, new characters. Hoping now that I can be a little freer with my observations. :)
We'll see. I think it'll work. And if I think it, well, we're half way there.

Today is a home day. Quiet. Working.
As soon as I get an email issue sorted for Superman I'm going to settle in and work. I may or may not opt to write while lying on my bed. :) (I think we all know I will.)

Breezy is home with a sore throat - third or fourth this year - not great. She's curled up with a quilt watching TV downstairs. Romeo will keep her company. The cat is up here with me. (Lucky lucky me ... she's been a pain in the ass since The Boy Wonder went overseas.)

Take care

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