Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dude, take your meds!

Yesterday was Writer's Plot day.
So we were at the library - as usual - with our four tables and a big sign saying what they were reserved for. It's no secret that WP is a noisy active group.
It's no secret that I swear.

Yesterday there were only 7 writer's present. 7 were away (and I knew about it) not sure where everyone else was ... that is a tad rude, but hey, moving on.

So all up there were 8 of us.

Still noisy. Still a lot of laughter.

I noticed this guy - looked a bit fucked in the head to be honest. Wild eyed and taking WAY to much interest in what we were doing. He kept walking past the table (we take the end of the room, and there is really no need to be close to us) and sitting close, and watching.
I didn't think much of it, except that he looked like a huffer. (That kinda aura about him ... although I couldn't smell any glue!)

I was talking to MY group. We'd been there quite sometime.

About an hour and a half maybe even two hours into the group the guy walks around the tables to me, leans toward me and threatens to call the police because I swore in the library and there were children present. What?? Adult group in the adult area of the library. No kids present. Idiot. I ignored it. Desperately wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. But I didn't because I knew it would escalate - he was unbalanced and his eyes were freaky!
Seriously - dude, take your meds and mind your own business.
He was quite insistent.
Go ahead call police. That would be awesome. :)

Now one of my group has a bit of experience with people like him and popped over to have a chat when the man had resumed his position on a nearby couch (and yes, he was watching us and listening ... waiting I'm sure for me to say something else. I did, but he must've missed it, hahaha.). Next minute the lunatic is loudly calling D a homo ... yeah he really needed to take his meds.
I went and found Robyn. Told her what was happening. She knew who I meant! And he was asked to leave the library ... did he go quietly?
No. He ranted away at poor Robyn.

I'd never seen this guy before but another of my writers said she had, wandering through town talking to himself and so forth. Nice.

Dude, seriously, do the world and yourself a favor and take your prescribed meds and stop self-medicating with whatever your drug of choice is ... it ain't working!

FYI I'm not changing who I am and how I do what I do ... if you're offended ... leave.

Oh the excitement of hosting Writer's Plot.

Also ... we discussed making tee shirts.

Thinking logo on front and it was suggested that we have a list of names on the back.
I kinda like the idea of having logo and name on front and list on back.

Now that's fancier than name tags! :) :)


liltoastfairy said...

Can I come join your WP group even tho I dont write? Sounds like a fun group!! :-)

Cat Connor said...

You so should!! It's a really fun group. :)


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