Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chance is back

Last night I wrote a heap of notes. They'll make very little sense to anyone who hasn't read flashbyte and soundbyte, and snakebyte (maybe, yeah, snakebyte) ... and possibly databyte (but you have to wait until next year for that one ... yeah I'm way ahead!)

In this new book ... things have changed. The way Ellie gets information changed. I almost said I don't know why, but I do.
And when I looked at my notes I saw that I'd explained it all.
What Ellie sees this time are scenes like I see ... video clips. Except there is no sound and the short video sequences aren't particularly helpful. They don't always make sense. Mine do. Hers used to.
I was thinking about that while I was writing. I was thinking and Ellie was talking and I wasn't listening to her.
When I finally listened she told me she missed Chance and she missed Mac.

For whatever reason interactive hallucinations made her feel less insane than the new way things were presenting. She knew she couldn't get Mac back.
Shoot someone in the head (even a hallucination) and they do get the message to move on.
Also, if she pulled Mac back into her life it would pull her in a direction she didn't want to go.

Chance isn't as complicated as a dead husband. He's fun. He's a smartass. He's an extension of Ellie's psyche. He's a comic book character who became a TV character who is really an actor, and for whatever reason that simply works.
So when her world flattened into a comic book she was happy.
Delightedly so.
Even telling Kurt Chance was back didn't worry her.
I don't know how Mitch will react when Ellie explains this to him. I think he'll be okay with it. He's coped with the other things she's seen.

So there you go, my day, making no sense to anyone really. :)

Also, just uncovered a twist I didn't expect although I should have. .. thanks to the Admins and the main plot in this book being Admin One's idea. :)

Oh so tricky and twisty now.

Having to resort to sticky-notes (not yellow and not blue!) to keep track of what's happening in my notebook.

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