Saturday, May 11, 2013

When stuff just doesn't work

It doesn't matter what it is, but when things don't work they way they should it frustrates the hell out of me.

My phone - drives me in-fucking-sane. Smart phone, my ass. It's the dumbest smart phone ever. Currently that is working. Which is unusual.
Today -  massive email issues. :(  Hates it.

Meanwhile, I wrote a short story - or maybe it isn't. Maybe it's a scene within a novel ... who knows? Not me that's for sure. But it's Kurt trying to get Ellie to open up about Mitch. (Who? I hear you say and ignore you ... ) It was fun to write. Hopefully it will be fun to read. After looking at this story/scene, I think it is a story. I think it's a short that probably fits between snakebyte and databyte ... or maybe within databyte.

WTF ... I get Goodreads emails and twitter emails but not an email I want to read. :)

Anyway, it's Mother's Day tomorrow. I don't think it will go well. Not looking forward to it.

There is a bottle of tequila sitting on my desk ... from the kids and Action Man, intending on opening it on Friday night after the soundbyte launch. :)

Poster hanging in the library  - saw it today.

Mother's day: looks like this ...

This post was updated.

FYI - contract for databyte signed. So, yeah, it's a definite thing. :) Always good to know.

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