Thursday, May 23, 2013

... this dream could come true ...

Bit random today, no surprises there I guess?

Almost said, always fun, then I remembered that sometimes it isn't. Sometimes it scares me, sometimes it just hurts, sometimes I get to a scene and don't want to finish it because I don't want to see where it ends. But I get there. Don't very often write while hiding under my desk these days, hahaha. Yes, it's happened.
Writing killerbyte got a bit scary late at night. :)

But today, it's fun. So far.

It's the early chapters of a new byte novel. And it's exciting for me. I can see the scenes unfolding in front of me. So far so good! Fascinating stuff. Lot of tradecraft, which is fun. Pretty geeky so far. Such fun!

A new character - he's not staying - I don't know that Ellie is really mentor material ... sometimes new characters won't leave. I think this one will be running out the door. hahaha. And we all know how much Ellie loves FNG's.

New character introduced in snakebyte is staying. He appears in databyte and will be in this new one as well. Feels like he'll be permanent. I like that. But it's not about me, it's about the story. :)

My work music changed a while ago. Think I have to change it back or I'll end up writing a romance and no one wants that. No, you don't. Trust me.

Meanwhile, I need to eat or things will turn quite custard like quite quickly.

Don't forget ... the little (I think easy, but then I wrote it) competition ... I know I didn't mention the prize but it's a PDF of snakebyte and as you know, that's not available anywhere. ;-)

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