Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Standing in the cold ...

Definitely winter now.
School patrol has less appeal in the cold rain ... Romeo and I opted to stand under the trees and not cross the road today. Fully appreciating my new jacket! :)

Last night I was a tad brain fried. Long nights and a new project definitely helped fry my brain. I think I was asleep by 10 don't remember anything until 5 this morning. That's the most consecutive hours of sleep I've had in months. Needed it. (Almost as much as I needed tequila after the book launch!)

Was thinking this morning as the dog and I stood in the cold, watching traffic and kids - nothing unusual in that. Turns out I'm, usually thinking. :) Anyway, I was thinking about the last 17 months and how much I achieved despite what was going on around me.
I do not believe in writers block. Most of you know that. It's pretty freaking simple - sit your ass in a chair and write. Nothing much can stop me doing that. If I'm not writing, it's a choice. Admittedly sometimes it's because I'm distracted - but  not that my muse has buggered off and left me or that I can't see the story ... it's simply because I'm distracted. I can still write, I just would prefer to enjoy the distraction. :)

Writing for me is 'Escapism 101'.
The last 17 mths looked a bit like this but not in this order because my mind is just tossing stuff up and I'm adding it to the list:

Story for the Nun and Dragon.
Flashbyte release. (4th byte novel)
Host Writing workshop at library.
Speaking engagements.
Wrote soundbyte (5th byte novel)
Contract for soundbyte
Wrote snakebyte (5.1)
Wrote databyte (6th byte novel)
contract for databyte
Story for BioHazard 2012
Wrote first screen play.
Story for Fox and Fae
Story for Beanpod press.
killerbyte was produced as talking book by the Royal NZ Blind Foundation.
soundbyte launch party at library
snakebyte released as special edition - only available through Byte Club.
new project - Eraserbyte. (7th byte novel)

hmmm I've written a lot of words in 17 months - seen a lot of scenes unfold in front of me - captured a lot of emotions - laughed, cried, had a lot of sleepless nights, and met some new characters - who are definitely entertaining.

17 mths - two significant deaths and 3 novels.

I've also spent way too much time in small planes ... which I've grown to love.
The last four weeks is the longest stretch I've had at home all year - kinda makes me restless. :)
Next scheduled trip isn't until the end of June! Two months at home??? Crazy.

Not sure I'll cope with that. :)

Woo hoo phone covers just arrived and screen protector. Yay.

Now that I've seen a list of what I've done over the last 17 months I feel like I need to top it ... that might be tricky.

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