Friday, May 31, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard

(In case you were wondering the subject title is from What About Now - Bon Jovi)

It's Friday. The last day of May.
The Boy Wonder is about half way to Shanghai as I write this. Yep, he's gone. He's heading for Copenhagen  to be with The Girl Wonder and wander around Europe for a month and then visit The Prodigal Son in London before heading back to this hemisphere but not to New Zealand. The Girl Wonder is finishing her studies in Sydney - so Sydney is where they will be based.
How do I feel about it?
I think it's great that he's off adventuring. I'll  miss his smile and his "hello" as he walks through the front door and his company because he's always been good company and fun to hang out with ...  BUT I'm so excited for him.

And now that there is a spare room ... well there will be once I pack everything up ... it's going to be mine.
Yep. Mine. Not separating the girls yet. Simply because neither is tidy enough to have their own room and I'm not doubling my work load - thanks. :)
Also, I need my own space even if it's just for a little while - it will be nice. Not at all sure that I'll work up there - have grown used to working in the middle of the house where I can supervise the ratbags ... but we'll see. I'm willing to give it a shot. :) :)

This is the last big change (I freaking hope) for awhile!

It's a long weekend this weekend. Queens Birthday. Not that it means much ... just an extra day off. For me and Breezy it's a 4 day weekend. I'm enjoying it ... I think we all know that by 10am today I will have had enough but for now, I'm enjoying it.
Once it warms up outside we'll take Romeo to the park, before then ... I might work.
Rather enjoying the new book. (A LOT)

What plans do you have for the weekend??


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