Saturday, May 18, 2013

My, my, my, my Corona ... and why I love my Admins.

That's not at all cryptic by the way.

Last night was the official launch of soundbyte at our library. No secret that I love Upper Hutt Library ... love it even more now. Library staff - so freaking wonderful!
Fantastic night. So much fun.
Met lots of awesome people. Lots of hugs ... hugs are important. :)

Had my Admins with me ... performing Admin duties. I know they say they do nothing but that's utter bollocks. Wanna know what they really do?
They watch my back, at all times.
They check on my glass - make sure I don't drink too much before speaking (the public sort).
They set up the table and take care of the books and let me know when I need to sign something.
They make sure everything is going as it should.
And most of all ... they are ALWAYS watching. :)
And that was just at the event.
Back home ... Admin Bubbles took charge of the kitchen, bringing out nibbles and so forth, whipping cream, bringing drinks to table. Admin One was drinking last night so she joined us at the table for hilarity, while Admin Bubbles carried on taking care of everyone.

We've decided we need new tee-shirts ... we have our Lady President shirts from our month in the USA. Now we're going to have new ones with this fabulous picture that Jeanette took on them:

Admin Bubbles, Cat, Admin One

So yes, we had a book launch. And it was fun - bit nervy yesterday - bit panicky early in the evening. Debbie (library manager) took care of that by getting me a glass of wine. :) She's a good woman. Debbie also introduced me - fabulous. Feeling the love. Feeling very much loved.

Another highlight - Anna Smart read an excerpt from soundbyte.
She has the best voice, it's so beautiful, Dad was quite taken by Anna. We loved the excerpt she read too, just awesome ... she did a fabulous job. (I am so lucky to have such a talented friend.)

Discovered something too - my twitter pals are freaking wonderful people. Was great to meet Michelle, Ruthi, Gillian, Jeanette and James last night. Jeanette and James came down from Auckland - so touched by that!

But my night wouldn't have been as good without Murray and Tania (who came up from Christchurch). Murray I've known forever and Tania I met for the first time last night, such a fun night!!
And now we get back to the Coronas ...
We all know I love tequila.
Coronas and tequila and lime ... so freaking good! :) :)
Thanks Murray.

Some of my awesome Writer's Plot folk.

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