Monday, May 13, 2013

FYI ...

Because I couldn't manage to write a blurb about this cover while I was on the phone ... here it is now. :)

Snakebyte will be available only through the Byte Club as a giveaway novella. It comes directly after soundbyte and before databyte (which if you've been paying attention is the next full length byte novel).

SSA Ellie Conway emerges from a tequila-filled haze to rejoin Delta A. They investigate a strangling in Rock Creek Park which leads to a terrifying situation where Lee's life hangs in the balance. Ellie suspects a rouge agent is planning a terror attack within the US and must stop him before he kills. 
Endings and new beginnings. 


Karen from Mentor said...

oh, I love the cover art!

Cat Connor said...

Thank you Karen!! :)

James Houston Turner said...

Connor, you absolutely ROCK. Seriously, you turn out awesome stories in an annoyingly short amount of time, which leads the rest of us mere mortals to drink, which I must admit has its upside. Joking aside, which is seldom, I am SOOO excited for you and Snakebyte. Will definitely salute you with three fingers (of tequila!!!). GREAT cover, btw. Looking forward to Megabyte, too, and of course Overbyte. xox

Cat Connor said...

Pushing it with megabyte and overbyte Turner! You got your snakebyte though ... :) hahaha

Friday night after the official launch of soundbyte at the UH library - tequila! Can't promise I won't Skype you. ha!


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