Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beneath your beautiful ...

That song was trapped in my head for a night ... drove my crazy. Not because I don't like it, but because I was starting to feel like Ellie and couldn't figure out what the hell it was saying.
I got it now.
We're all good.
Sometimes songs aren't just songs and sometimes they are. This time? Only I know.

I have had a wonderful weekend.
Today is quiet and relaxing and filled with thoughts and flashes of the rest of the weekend ... and those flashes have mingled on occasion, with work. That's not a bad thing. Usually. It remains to be seen if it is this time or not ... I haven't read the two chapters I wrote last night.

What am I writing?
The 7th byte - as suggested by The Admins. It's fun. Really fun.

In other news, that is also writing related, I should probably send snakebyte to Rebel. That's the novella that follows soundbyte - it's in PDF format, and there are no plans for it's actual release. It's a bridging story, intended as a giveaway. Yeah, I know, all that work and I'm happy to give it away. :) It won't be available from the usual places - and it's not a story that can be read out of sequence.
Want a copy? Then 'like' The Byte Club - because Diane will have copies to giveaway.
And again - you cannot interact with me through The Byte Club, it's not run by me - it's not for me it's about me (if that makes sense?). But it's the only place you can get a copy of snakebyte - unless you get one from me at some stage. (I had CD's with snakebyte on them with me on Friday night at the soundbyte launch.)

If you want to talk to me and the lovely Admins - you can do so via my Facebook page or Twitter or even here. :)

If you're curious about snakebyte - you can read the first chapter here.

Loving this song at the moment. :)


LatteJunkie said...

Loving that song too but I'm betting it's for different reasons! So glad you had a great weekend - you deserve it!

Cat Connor said...

Might not be!
Thanks Cyndi - has been a most awesome weekend. :)


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