Friday, May 10, 2013

Baby, baby, baby ...

Once upon a time in a land far far away ... that's how all fairy stories start, right?

Am writing today.

Actually am re-writing.

Because last night I was asked to write something ... a love story. Not just any love story. A 'first love' story. A non-fiction essay? What now? The world is not ready for that. I am not ready for that.
I could write about the greatest love story in my life time, it's not about me, but I was witness to a lot of it. But I can't. It's too soon and it's ... well it's just too soon. So that's all there is to it.

So I said no. And was reminded that I didn't exactly stick to the criteria for the Biohazard anthology and I should just write something dammit! :)
(I stuck to the viral end of world thing ... in as far as there was a virus and the world as we know it, ended.)

Write something dammit!

I told the person who asked me to write this story, that her husband and I wrote a love story together once. She was suitably afraid. The two most unlikely love story writers ever. (To be sure.)  But in my defense (our defense) it was shaping up to be more pirates and highwaymen than love story ... I do love a good pirate. I even love the word pirate. (preferably as said by Mark Valley in the Salvage and reclamation episode of Human Target, but that's a whole other story! hahaha)

When I found the file with my part of the story in it, I was surprised. It wasn't horrible. It's not my usual voice. But then my voice is from an entirely different century ... the voice in the story, well, she lived in Ireland in 1714. Just a wee bit different. I started cleaning it up, re-writing, moving, removing, adding ... not me, but not awful. I like Meaghan. She's a good person, well, mostly, with one major flaw. :)

It now needs a title.
It's currently being read by a writer friend from Backspace. Who instantly didn't like it, because it's not my voice. :)

Maybe it is, maybe that's the other voice I hear, the one I keep very quiet?

And when I declared I can't write a love story.
This arrived in my inbox,   'you can write a love story grasshopper……look deeper. It’s in there.'

It might be, but do we want to let it out?


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