Monday, May 6, 2013

Awkward ...


I had a pretty damn good weekend. Hard at times, but mostly pretty damn good. Something quite magical about being down in Mahau.

Now I need to bring this to your attention (not because I actually have anything to do with this ... but because there is no other way to get this book. It will mainly be used as a giveaway via the fan club, so not just the first 30, but there will be other chances to get your hands on snakebyte as well.) Something you should know about this book - it contains a massive spoiler regarding soundbyte and soundbyte SHOULD be read first. :)

FYI - I heard the plan is to giveaway 'snakebyte' to the first 30 Byte Club members. There is no other way to get a copy of snakebyte at this time. It will not be available for sale in the foreseeable future. 

Now that's sorted ... how was your weekend?

I came home to a massive thunder storm. Such fun. Love a good storm. So does Admin One. :)

Today - it's pouring with rain. The kids are back to school. Action Man is in AKLD (weather permitting), The Boy Wonder is off to Tauranga (weather permitting). Might be a boot day today I think. And Romeo will need his coat. It's splashy out there. :)

Now that it's Monday ... the soundbyte launch is NEXT WEEK. Super exciting!! :)
There are things I need to do between now and then - order the icing for one! (And put the royal icing on the cake ... tomorrow.)

Today I need to write my stuff for the ITW round-table this week, I shall get on with that when I've walked Romeo and Miss Breezy to school.

Meanwhile - another coffee. I missed my espresso machine. :)

Waiting on my beta readers regarding snakebyte. Hopefully, will hear back in the next day or so. (Will be amusing watching someone try to giveaway a book that's not finished yet ... or maybe just awkward!)


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