Saturday, May 25, 2013

And it's goodbye to possessed phone....

Yes, that's right. It's new phone day.

No more wanting to throw my LG at a wall. :)
That's nice. And will cause way less stress.

So now I have an HTC. It's fast, it's pretty, it's awesome. It may have a faster processor than my laptop and that's kinda sad. :)

Moving on ... oh, but not quite ... if you don't hear from me it's because I don't have your number any more ... so text me and say who you are! :)

Now moving on ... we had Writer's Plot today. A very small group compared to usual, but still fun ... always fun. Also got some photos from the soundbyte launch from the library. Me being a grown up - scary. Not that grown up though ... did notice the colors are weird. The cardigan I wore was quite a bright purple but it's blue in the photos. :(
Will put some up here when I download them. Currently they're on a flashdrive and my USB ports are busy. :)

Yesterday I did quite a good amount of work. Not saying the work was all that good - it might be - but I'm not saying that. I was busy and that was good. Finished adding a thread to databyte and smoothing out something I thought read a certain way, but in fact I'd already set it up to be what I needed it to be ... and didn't know ... because when I wrote it I didn't know about this new thread... make sense?
Then, damn you're amazing!
Anyway, it's done and back with Rebel.

Then I worked on the new byte. Eraserbyte. The 7th book. Seven. Jeez. :)
Fun. Different. Fun. Getting more comfortable with the way this story is shaping up, and that is a good thing. New challenges? :) A lot of credit goes to Grasshopper for that. No, that's all you get. Just go with it.

I'm going now ... I want to play with my phone. In fact I want to get better at using an on-screen keyboard rather than the blackberry type keyboard I've been used to.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.


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