Wednesday, May 8, 2013

9 sleeps. (More exciting than Christmas)

9 sleeps until the official launch of soundbyte and it really is more exciting than Christmas. Well for me. Not sure about you. :)

Have the heat on this morning - tis 3 degrees outside, now that's a bit chilly. Also, Romeo and I are on school road patrol this morning, it's going to be a bit cold standing around. Coats, me thinks.

Yesterday I went shopping. I don't so much like shopping but it was okay. Beck came with me, between her and a very helpful sales assistant it was relatively painless. I now have two tops to wear to the launch that work with the skirt I made. (Skirt ... such fun.)

This morning a few copies of Archive and Torrent arrived. I'm keeping one of the Archive copies, this is the first time I've seen that book as a paperback. It's a collection of 7 previously published short stories (not Conway shorts) - they're early stories back when I was inadvertently screwing the stats on Duotrope with my high acceptance rate. Hahaha, such fun. :)
Fun to see how my style and writing has changed over the years.
Carolyn asked me yesterday if it was easier writing now - compared to say, when I wrote killerbyte. Yeah, it is. (It was a way more detailed question than that and that's an extremely simplified answer but you get the jist.)
For me, writing is not a very difficult thing, and never has been - it's something I love and something that comes quite naturally to me (that doesn't mean I don't work at it, it just means I love my job and get a lot of satisfaction from the written word).
To be honest, if it was too hard I wouldn't do it. Yes, I am that lazy.
But in saying that, it's a continually growing, changing, evolving process and it's fun. I can clearly see my progress and how my voice has grown and strengthened. It's exciting, it's fun, I love it. I'm still learning. Still growing. :)


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