Tuesday, May 28, 2013



That is today but not the date.

Also the day I put my wedding rings back on.
Not at all.
Just decided I'd like to wear diamonds today that's all. Usually, happier wearing amethyst, aquamarine and black quartz set in silver ... today, diamonds and gold. Maybe the day needs more sparkle to counteract the freaking cold?? :)
I'd wear Nana's diamonds as well but those rings need sizing. They need to be about six sizes smaller ...
I still haven't gotten around to taking them in and now I need to take a bracelet into the jeweler too and have a few links removed ... yeah, it's mounting up!

Meanwhile - snow.
Thick snow on the ranges and it's very low.

The Boy Wonder and I went jacket shopping. It was new jacket day today. Tired of having a frozen bum because my jacket is just a tad too short (and wet hands even when they're in my pockets).
So, new jacket, that is hopefully more water resistant than the other jackets. About to have a massive clean out - all other winter jackets are going, going, gone!
 Only two days and The Boy Wonder is gone too ... for very different reasons to my jackets. :)
 He's going to join his girlfriend in Europe.

Was working today. Worked last night too. Back to making notes at night and writing during the day - which has been my usual pattern for the longest time now.
 The last few months though were hard going and I wasn't making enough notes because I wasn't seeing the scenes like I usually do ... but they're back now.
Little different to what I'm used to, this is a slightly different book so I suppose the scenes will be different! Bit more romance involved ... yeah, I know, right? What was I thinking? I wasn't. It just happened that way. If you think back though it's not unheard of (killerbyte for example ... and exacerbyte to a degree and there is a quite a bit of tension in flashbyte.) so it's not exactly a blast from left field - it's just different - and a little easier to write than I have previously thought. :)

I'm contemplating opening the bag of notebooks that are sitting next to my bed, one of them will probably be perfect for this story. Perhaps I will. Perhaps today is the day to wade through the random thoughts jotted on pages of otherwise blank books left for me by a very special person.
Or not.
I know one of the notebooks contains a poem written to me, and I don't really want to read that yet. I know which book ... I shall avoid that one. :)

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