Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You want to make a memory?

That was what a lot of the last 16 months have been about. Making memories, adding to memories, hoping that they'll tide us over and get us through this next stretch of rough water. And I think they will. Or I hope they will.

Some will fade, as they should, some will sharpen - it's the way it is. I've walked this road before, the difference this time is I'm better prepared. I understand how I grieve and I know that each death brings back the feelings associated with previous loss. Knowing that, makes no fucking difference at all. None. It doesn't provide a shortcut or lessen the pain.

Meanwhile -  I'm still here, or rather I'm now back for a few weeks. I'm not firing on all cylinders and won't be for sometime. I am tired. I am sometimes snappy, sad, angry, happy, patient, sweet, mean ... yeah, no real change there!
It's a lucky dip - how brave do you feel?

I came home tonight to this wonderful blog post from a lovely tweeter: Random follow #96 - @catconnor
How lovely is that?? Quite delighted me, I can assure you. Kinda needed it too particularly after the weekend.

I feel like I've missed so much. Hate that bit about coming home.

Something good did happen though - I found the missing something. A new character and a muse that was there all along just not where I was looking. Sometimes you just need to use better eyes.

So, anyway, don't forget - Official launch of soundbyte on May 17 at 7PM  at the Upper Hutt City Library.

Also - have you bought it yet?


Love you long time x

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