Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sometimes you've just gotta let it ride.

Cryptic? Nah, not me. :)

This morning I woke late - almost killed Action Man's alarm clock at bloody silly o'clock. It would not shut up! Pulling all the plugs on his side of the bed worked. And I went back to sleep until after 8. I know... after 8!

Big day yesterday and I was obviously tired. (Yes, that's what we're going with.)

Today is slow. The kids are playing. It's warm outside and quite nice. Might spend some time at the park with R later.

Just changed the music on my flash drive and figured why half the albums on it wouldn't play - wrong format. Fixed now.

I have also been playing with video clips and messing around with the trailer for the launch. Such fun. Still haven't quite decided on the sound track - not sure if I'll go with a mix of sound effects and music or just music. No doubt I'll make up my mind eventually. Sometime before May 17 anyway.

Keep thinking I'm forgetting something. Doesn't matter how many times I check my diary or Outlook I can't see anything I've forgotten. But I just bet I have and I just bet it's important!
There is a note on one page it says 'Snakebyte. Mitch. Melt.' and it makes me smile, because it does.
Who's Mitch?
You'll find out.
Patience, Grasshopper.
Actually - you'll only find out if you belong to Byte Club. (or if I am feeling particularly generous at some point.)

Hmmm 'Start me up' just came on. Haven't heard this in awhile. Used to be my theme song before 'Bounce'.
Still find it impossible to keep still when Start me up plays.
It's not a bad thing at all.

Sharing an excerpt from soundbyte (because I can), comfy?

From Chapter Sixteen:

“For safety reasons, let’s approach this as if he is your shooter and the Unsub,” Kurt said. “We’re about three minutes out.”
My mind ran over general procedures as I rolled my shoulders and worked some of the tension out of my muscles.
Kurt pulled over and parked. “We’ll walk from here.”
“The photo …” I said, climbing out of the car, “… it had to be from a surveillance camera. Why would someone send a photo of themselves taken by a surveillance camera?”
“Do you have the photo with you?”
“Not the original, that’s still in the envelope in my drawer at work. I took a picture of it with my phone though.”
 I handed Kurt my phone and waited while he found the image and refreshed his memory. It pays to know what people look like when you’re looking for them. He handed the phone back.
“Let’s go find out if this guy is here and how that photo came to be.”
I fell into step with Kurt. As we walked, I shook my right arm out, and ten yards from the main entrance to the hotel I pulled my Glock, checked the magazine, and slid it back into my holster.
Kurt placed his hand in the small of my back, escorting me through the door that opened for us. I smiled at the doorman.
My eyes roamed the lobby area, looking for anyone out of place or anyone showing interest in us. Four people were in the lobby. They were all women and seemed to be together.
I approached the desk and attracted the attention of the attendant.
“Good evening, ma’am. How can I help?”

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