Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Set Fire To The Rain

Yesterday was an Adele day.
Unusual for my work music to be Adele - but there you go. I enjoyed it. :) How did it effect my work, well, we'll have to wait and see won't we?

Also, yesterday, snakebyte was sent to the first 3 beta readers. Fun. Nerve wracking fun though.

I ate too much tonight. Seems that licorice all-sorts and wine aren't the best combination. Oh well, you live, you learn. :)

Today I finally finished the fucking trailer, Yes, we've got to the place where it's a fucking trailer. There is a glitchy weirdness in a few places in the soundtrack ... we're living with it. There was a picture that went mental - I switched that out. Hopefully everything else is pretty much okay.
My unofficial manager might have some comments when the flash drive reaches him tomorrow. That was me displaying incredible faith in Courier Post ... and it wasn't easy. :)
I have a feeling I'll be messing with this trailer for the next two weeks - because I can.

What else?

Promo stuff is all here except the flashbyte postcards - when I went through my promo stuff I realized I had none of them left at all. Ordered more. Should be here soon.
I got the almond icing on the cake ... will put the royal icing on next week, then the picture - once I've decided exactly how I want it.
Such fun!

Still haven't finished assembling the playlist. To be fair, it's because a CD went wandering and I simply cannot find it. Doubt anyone would know if half the songs were missing anyway ... think I'll be skipping the ones I don't want to hear. :)

Am feeling chatty tonight. Suspect it's the wine and also spending the whole day only talking listening to Breezy. TALK. All day. ALL DAY. She barely pauses for breath.
It's exhausting. But also means I didn't use anywhere near my quota of words for the day.
So chatty, yes.

Read soundbyte yet?
Admin One text when she finished reading yesterday - I can't tell you what she said. Massive spoiler. But it made me laugh. :)

Headache has gone. That's awesome. :)

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