Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictures of You

Odd day today.
ANZAC day - always a bit strange.

Today bounced from annoyance to laughter. Thankfully when the laughter arrived it hung around.

One of those days but it was okay in the end. 

But now every time I look at my wine glass it talks to me and it sounds like Auntie Myra. :) Doesn't stop me lifting it though, and I've probably had more than enough tonight.

Today I - messed about with my website. Did this: snakebyte 
Walked Romeo - because that always makes me happy.
Did some editing, tweaking of scenes, playing with snakebyte.
Finished and printed 13 pages of notes for Saturday's Writer's Plot. Looking forward to getting back into it. Not sure my Plotters will be so thrilled when they see the notes! hahaha
Went to the mall - hellish. People everywhere, where do they come from? 
But, got new sneakers. Hooray. And a glue gun because mine disappeared a few years ago and I needed one not so long ago. 
Am looking at a long sleeved tee-shirt that is screaming for something witty to be plastered across it. Thing is I can't decide what to put on it. So many choices. So very many choices.
Such fun.

While I think about it - I'll have another glass of wine and a piece of peppermint chocolate. Yes, that's right. I will.

Did I tell you soundbyte is now available in paperback? 
Silly of me! 
Which way to the paperback you say? This way ... soundbyte 

Still stupidly delighted by the cover. :) 

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