Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's official ... soundbyte is here!

Before I leave for Mahau (again) I thought I should share this ... because it's fucking awesome.

It's April 10, 2013.

That's right it is.

And guess what that means?

soundbyte's launch day!

It's available in ePub from

And kindle from

So what are you waiting for?  (Oh, if it's paperback you want - you'll have to wait a week or so.)

Don't forget you can request a digital authorgraph from the right hand side of this page --->
or just click the link up there    ^^^^

the 5th _byte 

How unlucky can the Bleich family be? Four out of five murdered on the same day … the obvious link being the Heathcote Diamonds, reputed to be cursed.

SSA Conway is not having a great time either: she is shot when all she wanted was a good cup of coffee.

NCIS Director Doyle’s sister is abducted by an international hitman who proves to have intriguing connections. The appearance of Mac’s doppelganger is a profound shock and Mac’s ghost resurrects Elllie’s smothered rage. CIA Agent Jonathan Tierney surfaces too often for peace of mind and then her daughter, Carla, raises the teenage stakes causing Ellie’s psycho-prophetic alarms to go into overdrive.

When FBI Director O’Hare, NCIS Director Doyle and NCIS Agent Noel Gerrard go missing at the same time, Ellie recognizes there are malign and subversive forces behind these ‘random’ events.

I'll see ya when I see ya ...

Admins are in charge while I'm gone - I'm sure you'll all enjoy that. :)

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