Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy week!

It's Friday, truly doesn't feel like it.
Not sure what it feels like but it isn't Friday.

School holidays start today. Unbelievable. We only got back from Mahau on Tuesday night. Breezy has had 2 days at school in the last two weeks. Bad timing. But then, life and death are like that.

It feels like a lot has happened in the last 3 days ... because it has. (I am not going to discuss or mention the horror that has gone on in the US this week, this is strictly good news only!!)

1. A plain brown CD sleeve was delivered by a courier on Wednesday morning from the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind. How very mysterious. The CD has the words 'killerbyte by Cat Connor' handwritten in sharpie.

I've been listening to killerbyte ever since.

It's fucking awesome. I love the narrator (she's an American and sounds like Cathy Bates), haven't heard enough to hear the male yet. Just freaking amazing to hear my words come to life.

That'd be enough to make the week rather marvelous ... but wait there's more.

2. Have a bunch of interview questions to answer for The Big Thrill.
3. The first Amazon review of soundbyte was posted - right after I got a message saying "You suck." Btw, it's a freaking good review. :)
4. Got an email from Rebel saying the soundbyte paperbacks are on the way ... according to the DHL website they've left LA bound for NZ. (Almost can't breath, it's so exciting.)
5. Got an email from ITW because BookBitch would like to feature soundbyte for the month of May. Awesome!
Bit of a soundbyte theme this week!
6.Finished writing Snakebyte. Always makes me a bit nuts when I finish the writing part of a book - was fun though and ended with a new character. :)

7. And then, my very favorite thing ...

My very very favorite thing this week ... nah, not going to tell ya.

That's mean. Never said I was nice. :)

You'll find out, eventually, maybe, if you're at the launch ...

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