Tuesday, April 23, 2013

bloody evidence envelopes

We were filming on the weekend. Such fun!

I'm currently hoping that the bloody envelope will dry but it's been so humid it's not looking good. The biggest problem is putting it somewhere that it won't leave marks. (Transfer.)

I'd post a photo here but you know some fuckwit will complain so, here's a link to Ellie's blog. If you jump through that link I don't want to hear any bullshit about there being a  bloody photo, all right? Good.

So, it was fun. There is video footage too, but it's too big a file to post anywhere.

In other news ...

Moving on.

Yesterday was not a great day. Today is infinitely better. It's the fun (?) of the current situation. Little bit like a roller-coaster at times. Time will sort it.

Last night I dropped a pot of cooked potatoes into the sink - stupid unstable wrist. Back in a splint. Sigh. It's awkward and annoying ... and sometimes I pretend I'm bionic or super woman with a wrist of steel. (What's cute is that you all think I'm joking.)

Been working on a trailer, but it won't be released publicly. It's for showing at the book launch. It's so much fun.
Also, finished snakebyte first draft ... (not sure if I told you that yet, and yes, first draft is a misnomer but you get the idea, the initial writing phase is done.). New character, Mitch. Awesome. Loving him.

Meanwhile my stomach is growling (like a demented black bear) think it needs feeding!
Should probably do that.

But first ... will be back to working on the Admin inspired (dictated) byte novel shortly.

AND - it's Admin Bubbles birthday this coming Saturday.

This was how we celebrated her birthday 2 yrs ago, at Carmines in NYC. :) I have no idea why the video is sideways and then not - all I can say is we had a lot of wine and a fantastic night. Didn't we girls? (Lorenza, Admins.)
Happy birthday Admin Bubbles!!  xxx

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