Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Biting the ears off a bunny ...

Because fuck him he's made of chocolate (and he shouldn't have looked at me all smug).

Easter is over.
April 1st is over.

We've moved on people - it's April 2nd today.

Yesterday I read an awesome collection of grown-up boys stories - I was asked if I would and write a little something that could be used on the inside cover. So I did. wasn't sure I'd have the time to read and so forth but I squeezed it in to an already busy weekend. Not a very big ask - really - I've always loved boys stories. They just pack in more fun than girls ones (except mine of course) ... don't even get me started on the gun porn aspect.

Today - I was writing. Was/am. It's something I do throughout the day but there are often breaks. (For example I take breaks to walk the dog and do general boring houseworky things and referee the kids fights ... )
I left Ellie and Sam half way down a stationary escalator at Rosslyn Metro Station.
 This thing here:

Not fun when it's going.
Less fun when it's stationary and there could be an armed someone waiting at the bottom.
Not a lot of cover.

Not fun looking at it from the bottom up either.

I don't mind heights - but this escalator is scary.

So, that's where I left Ellie and Sam while I went off to the park with the kids and Romeo. I should probably go find out how they're getting on.

In other news:

REALLY FREAKING EXCITED (Sorry, just making a point #WritersPlot ... see how hard that is to read?) about the book launch of soundbyte next month.
I even got around to putting up the media release regarding the release of soundbyte, and when I did I realized I never got sent the media releases for exacerbyte or flashbyte.

Also, in related news, the e-versions of soundbyte will be released on April 10.
Yes, a full month before the official launch party.
You lucky buggers.

What's so special about soundbyte? Apart from it being the 5th byte book, this is the first time I've designed a cover (with the help of The Boy Wonder - a lot of help from The Boy Wonder), also this is the first launch I've had at the library, and the first book since Mike died suddenly last April. I know he was looking forward soundbyte because he told me right after he finished telling me how much he loved flashbyte.
There will also be someone else missing this time, the person soundbyte is dedicated to but she will be there in spirit.

We're pretty much set for this launch now ... the only thing I don't have is a book trailer and that's thing I've given up on. It's not going to happen.

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