Monday, April 8, 2013

April 6, 2013.

A day I will never forget.

I got back last night from Blenheim. Wellington put on a beautiful display of lights and awesomeness. I love flying into Wellington at night (it's pretty spectacular during the day too).
Yesterday was mostly spent with a funeral director and a minister - as opposed to spending our days in Marlborough Hospice. Part of this journey is now over.
It's been a long 8 weeks but those weeks have been filled with some wonderful moments, they were also a laden with care and kindness from all the staff at Marlborough Hospice. Home away from home, it truly was.

Now I'm home for a few days. We're going back to the Sounds on Thursday, this time we are all going.
And yesterday I said I would speak at the funeral. (Not sure why I changed my mind, I'd been saying I wouldn't/couldn't but yesterday I said - yes. Maybe because no one else can speak about the woman I knew the way I knew her.)
Last night I didn't sleep. Odd really, I slept fine at home in Mahau on Saturday night.

While I wasn't sleeping I started writing what I'd say on Saturday ... so hard. So very hard. I'll get there, but whether I'll be able to actually speak remains to be seen. But everything will be written down, and Terry (the minister) will be right next to me, and as long as I don't think too much or make eye contact with anyone - we should be all good ...

It's only two days until the release of the digital versions of soundbyte!! Pretty cool, huh?

While I was in the hospice I finished reading databyte and making copious kindle notes. Then I sat next to the bed on the floor with my laptop and made all the changes. It seemed to please the mothership.

In two days those of you who like kindle and ePub and what-have-you get to read the book I wrote for the mothership, a book she never got to read, although I did read the dedication to her some weeks ago and she knew what the story was about and she fully approved of the cover.

You know how I refer to Action Man and The Boy Wonder? Well, I grew up with Superman and Wonder Woman ... not even kidding.


LatteJunkie said...

all I can say is <3 because at times like this the words leave me....

Blue Line Guy said...

Ah, Cat, sorry, so sorry. A hug of condolence across the oceans.

I see you...

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