Friday, March 15, 2013

Thinking about Easter...

Well sort of. Thinking I need to get eggs for the kids and really not getting much past the thought.

It's Bex birthday on Good Friday. She probably needs some sort of present... 

Chances are there will be some big changes before Easter. So we may not even be here that weekend or we may have been away for a week and be home again. No way of knowing.

Que Sera Sera.

This morning I assembled 9 pages of notes about punctuation for tomorrow's Writer's Plot. 
Yesterday I finally got around to putting all my notes into a display book. Quite the mission really. 
Tomorrow I'm going over two lots of previous notes and the new ones and handing out assignments. Gonna need coffee.

I really should take Romeo to the park, he didn't come to school this morning. If he doesn't go to school he goes to the park - he knows this. He's lying by my chair waiting, ever so patiently. Romeo is a creature of habit and routine and is much happier when we all stick to his routine. :)

In other news I did some work yesterday - wrote about 2000 words I think. Such fun. Enjoying this new book - just figured out who someone is which means something really bad is going to happen. 

Also, there was a surprise review of killerbyte over at Crime Watch which truly delighted me. 
I don't read reviews of my work unless they're pointed out to me so if Margot Kinberg hadn't tweeted me the link I never would've seen it. (I don't Google myself either, know a few people who do, can't say it does them any good.)

That's pretty much it from me.

Soundbyte is off being formatted for print... now we're just waiting on proof-readers to catch those annoying extra spaces, duplicate words, missing punctuation, and the occasional Brit word that sneaks in - luckily changes can be made quite late due to the digital age.

Did I show you the cover? I can't remember... it's up on Rebel's site now.

This is first time The Boy Wonder and I have dabbled in the tricky world of cover design.

But we're pretty darn excited by it.

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