Monday, March 4, 2013

The week has begun.

Monday is almost over. It was pretty good.

Had a discussion about intraosseous versus intravenous infusion with Eric. Entertaining and informative. Also, homemade ice-cream. so, ya know, that is pretty awesome.

Booked plane tickets for Saturday. Flying to Blenheim Saturday back Sunday. Good thing I love small planes. I've done a lot of flying in a Cessna this last year especially the last three months.

Done quite a bit of writing. Was busy with a fun scene today SWAT, bomb techs and ventriloquist dummies... doesn't get much more fun than that.

Yesterday I added a little something to a sweatshirt...

There is a very good reason for the sweatshirt (in fact I have two of them, sweatshirts not reasons). When people overhear conversations while I'm out they tend to look quite disturbed or concerned or just plain ill... and I often don't notice until it's too late or don't think to say "hey, it's work talk. I'm a writer." (Get better work stories? Trust me they're awesome!)
So, sweatshirts that say it for me. Priceless? We hope so.

Such fun.

Saturday was Writer's Plot day. Lot's of fun. We have four new people this year, which is marvelous. Six came, but two won't be back. We're a fiction group. I honestly get quite ill feeling when people tell me they're writing a memoir. There is a memoir group at the library, I don't host it. :) There are a few things I insist on, one is that people want to pr are writing fiction and the other is a sense of humor.
The first challenge of the year is underway and from the sound of it everyone is really enjoying it. It's called Joey. I've seen 3 stories so far.

Tomorrow is census day. It's our first census in 7 years (thanks CHCH earthquake). Squealer is now old enough to fill in her form herself. Hooray. We could do it online... but no, she wants to fill out the paper forms. Bugger.

Hope you're all having a good week :)

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