Monday, March 11, 2013

Should probably write a blog...

So, here we go.

I was home over the weekend - well not quite... didn't actually make it into Mahau. I was in Blenheim at what has become a home away from home. Marlborough Hospice.
It's a wonderful place with caring amazing people.
And that's where I was over the weekend and no I don't want to talk about it.

This morning I assembled the 'Writer's Plot' stories into a PDF and sent a non-PDF version to my kindle and to Action Man's kindle. Also sent PDF versions to my trusty Admins.
We need to read them and find our winner.
This time just one winner.
The next 'Writer's Plot' meeting (this coming Saturday) we're going to talk about editing/proof reading/reading aloud... and the next challenge will be set. Such fun. Might have a bit of a refresher on editing etc too.

On Friday I got the new Bon Jovi album "What about now."
Have to say, I love it way more than "The Circle" album. I heard it quite a bit while I was away, something had to drown out the night noises. There isn't a song I don't like but I especially love 'Thick as Thieves' and 'Pictures of You'.

Friday night (library event with me and Leon) was a lot of fun. I feel like I should elaborate but I don't really know what to say. (My brain is tired.)

Would very much like to be writing at the moment - think this new album could be my new favorite writing music - but I'm not, because I have to read a heap of stories and then choose the best one. :)
And also because I'm damn near brain dead from the weekend.

Here's some pics of me and Leon, and stuff.

Leon, me, Jane

Wine, where is it?

ginger lily soap from Carolyn.

my jacket - better than Castles.

@ The Boy Wonder

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