Saturday, March 2, 2013

Like Frankie said, I did it my way.

There are some songs I never want to listen to again ... My Way is one of them. But in saying that it's kinda our family theme song.

Moving on.

This week was fun. It really was.
Breezy, Romeo and I had a lovely time with Anna, Em and Cleo on Wednesday. Laughter is right up there with red wine in it's health giving benefits. :)

I worked this week.
A lot.
Finished a massive bloody (as in red wet stuff) scene. Sent it off to my ED nurse for his opinion - changed one thing - and it's all good. Hooray. Although, he did point out they don't tend to use FAST 1 here. And I expect an informative lecture on the pros and cons on Monday. :) But it's all good. Because I know Kurt carries FAST 1 and it isn't based here. (Hoping to here from Doug soon and get his experienced medic eye to go over the scene, just to make sure I pulled it off.)

What else?
Made the notes for this afternoon's Writer's Plot... thought there were 5 pages, yeah I lied (to myself) there's 9.

I had a short philosophical discussion with my doctor earlier in the week. (My doctor is awesome by the way.) She's quite sure that books change lives... it's a statement I question with regularity. Changing a life requires action simply reading a book is not enough. She said if she'd taken a different path then maybe she'd have more time to read and possibly write (paraphrasing here) but is more than happy in her job. That was when I pointed out she is a healer - that's pretty damn cool. And she came back at me with the same thought. Writers heal too.
It's a combined effort. :)
Always nice to see Cathy and be appreciated!

Noticed one stalker has wandered back my way. You're not welcome. Fuck off.

Talked to Bill briefly yesterday. I slipped from being Rebel's #1 seller to #2 - I wondered when I saw the number of hits Diana Duff's letter got on my blog just recently. :) And yes beaten by Diana... and $2.14 or something. lol
I told him about the in-between byte novel, and we have a wee plan for it. Could be fun.

Big fun in fact.

Meanwhile... today. A Writer's Plot. So exciting.

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