Sunday, March 24, 2013

Home and tired

Was a long weekend.

I left home at 7AM yesterday got back at 7:30PM tonight.
Yet another two flights in a Cessna Caravan. I have now sat in every seat in that model of airplane- and apart from the co-pilot seat (which will always be my favorite) my second favorite place is the very back... lot's of leg room. :)

Such fun.

I took a set of my books with me and slid them quietly into one of the bookshelves at Marlborough Hospice.  (One day someone will notice them, they're all signed, figured I'd send them soundbyte when it's released too... and they'll get a book every year for as long as the _byte series continues.)

Needless to say my bag was a lot lighter coming home - all it had on the return trip was a few clothes and two square baking tins. Cos everyone carries old square baking tins... I need to make the launch cake next weekend - I didn't want another round cake, so I now have square tins. But the biggest tin was not with the others and is still in Mahau. I will find it when I actually get into the Sounds at some point. So many trips south this year but the last two I haven't been able to get to Mahau, instead they've been short trips and I've stayed in Blenheim.

Tomorrow night The Boy Wonder and I are finishing the wrap around cover for soundbyte. Just waiting on the final template from my publishers. Then I think it's pretty much done - or at least our part of it is done, and the rest is up to my fabulous publishers. I do need to decide how many copies I need for the launch and also what day to make the e-version available... do I make everyone wait until May? (Yes, I might!)

Got some reading done this afternoon - kinda wish I hadn't, because now I have to do something about it.

Did I mention it's good to be home?  :)

The kids and animals missed me. Nice! Action Man bought me an ampersand to go with my wooden @. Groovacious,

So, how was your weekend?

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