Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

It's Easter, it's also April Fools tomorrow ... odd that they're the same weekend.

Yesterday (cos it's still Sunday for 4 minutes) was a Writer's Plot day. It was also a really busy day. Writer's Plot was fun as always. I do hope my writers think it's as much fun as I do!
Anyway - they got through their foray into editing and talked about the importance of titles and how to brain storm regarding titles. Next fortnight we will be talking dialogue (again for a lot of them and for the first time for our new folk), synopsis writing and query letters.
Dialogue I love - synopsis writing not so freaking much but I will endeavor to come up with a fun way of teaching it and maybe a fun way of writing one. Win win.

Not Sunday anymore.
Hello Monday. You're dark and already annoying, wish I was asleep and didn't know you were here.

Wanna see something awesome? Just nod, I'm gonna show you anyway ...

Yep - it's the press release for soundbyte. My editor sent it to me on Sunday. To post it here I had to use screen captures hence it's in two images - using my laptop and the screen is not big enough to fit whole word page. :) (Could've fired up the PC but I really didn't want to.)

E-versions of soundbyte will be available from April 10th, 2013.
Paperback a few days later.

Official Launch 7PM Friday May 17th, at Upper Hutt City Library.


I still can't quite get my head around this being my 5th book.

Shit, just realized, soundbyte comes out in 10 days, it's already April. :)

Today I need to write a blurb for a crime/thriller anthology. Managed to read half of it today. Rather hoping I'll have time to finish it tomorrow and come up with something worthy of these stories. Short notice doesn't make it any easier!

Right now I'd like to sleep and yet I'm not. So, I might write instead, very close to wrapping up Snakebyte.

Hope you've all had a safe Easter.


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