Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crossing things off the list

Not big things mind you but things none the less.

This mornings list:

Take Romeo to school and into class so he is familiar with the layout and noise.

Post signed book to Murray.   (Edited to add - book arrived next day, amazing!)

Take photos of storm clouds. (If we get any.)

Finish wraparound cover - template hasn't arrived so can't do that plus the Boy Wonder is now away until Thursday and I'm not a hundred percent sure I know what to do without him here. (edited to add - template arrived last night - The Boy Wonder and I will get on to it tomorrow!)

Create book trailer for soundbyte. - Don't see that happening at all, discovered it's too hard to do without help.

Ink for printer.

Design and order promo material for book launch- postcards, magnets, posters.

Write up playlist for soundbyte and upload to website.
Assemble songs for playlist and put in correct order on flashdrive.

Get ingredients and make launch cake. (edited to add ... Done!)

Make a start on guest list.

Read five chapters of databyte and make notes re-changes.

Make notes for Writers Plot on Saturday about the importance of titles.

Take Breezy to Pasifica club - continue with the reading of databyte while she's busy. 

A few things towards the impending launch party were crossed off the list today today but not enough. It's slow going. It annoys me. Nice to get some promo stuff designed and ordered today. That will help! And the playlist is now typed up, I just have to go searching for all the songs (which are scattered between two computers, an external drive and CD's.) rename them so they're numbered 01-35 and stick them on a flashdrive.

Because I didn't order ink I won't be printing any notes for Saturday. (I don't think.)

I'd like to make the cake tomorrow - it'll take most of the day to cook. Also need to get a silver cake board this week or maybe I'll get gold? Either way it has to be square. Be nice to get the cake baked. Then I can tick that off the list - then all I have to do over the next few weeks (in regards to the cake) is feed it brandy until it gets iced the week of the launch. The cake smells incredible - let's just hope it's cooked properly. Took 5 hours in the end!! 

As for the trailer ... not going to happen, it is however going to piss me off at every turn because it's not going to happen.

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