Monday, February 4, 2013

Would be nice if...

...I could type as fast as I can think.

Admittedly I'm pretty fast but still... I can't keep up with my thoughts at the moment. That's the joy of a new book. It's all shiny and exciting and my mind keeps throwing really fucking cool stuff at me but my fingers can't type fast enough (without mistakes...).

Meanwhile... the new story needs to wait a little bit. It's only getting a few minutes every so often spent on it. This is because I'm staring down a deadline with the soundbyte edits. Once they're done and dusted then the new story gets my full attention and hopefully I can make up some lost time word count wise. Probably would be good if I could finish the month with the full 50k required by the Writer's Plot Feb Challenge.
I know I can catch up so it's not really an issue, it's just, having to prioritize for a deadline while a new book screams to get out that's tricky.

Yesterday I sent soundbyte, databyte and snakebyte (just for you Turner) to my kindle - for reading and editing purposes. Two of them will have to wait until March for the reading and the joyful tweaking. I started reading soundbyte again yesterday looking at changes and making notes about other things I want to change as I went.
This morning I implemented the changes. I'm taking a break right now, and will get back to it shortly. :)

Most of yesterday morning was spent fighting with image software. For some reason project files were missing. So it looked like we had to start all over again with the cover art. Then magically the project files reappeared... it's enough to do my head in, it really is.
So, anyway, problem solved... four hours after I started and with the right project file back. *smacks head into desk*
Best thing is EJ likes it. We may change the color of my name... but not sure yet. (Having already used blue, green, orange and yellow, and having the title in red - cuts down the available colors!)

School is back today.
Breezy is in a class with nice kids... no more little bitchy girls. YAY.

So how's your Monday??

This is something from the new book... Admins know where this was taken:

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