Saturday, February 23, 2013

Was going to do this the other day

Then I discovered I was logged out of blogger and it took too much effort to recall my freaking long password so I didn't. :)

I'm playing the waiting game here at the moment. It's all a bit blah to be honest. Can't really make too many plans because I don't like having to change things and let people down... but there are some things coming up  over the next two weekends which I hope I am here for.
If not, it'll suck, but that's life.

Tonight is the ridiculous fireworks thing at the park. Which means a scared dog and a frightened cat and no sleep for anyone. Fireworks should be banned. Especially in the summer - where the potential to start fires is high. But to be perfectly honest I just think they should be banned because they terrify small children and animals. Not a fan.

Still haven't finished the last read of soundbyte.

Hardly surprising really.

Might get it done by Monday. Action Man is 90% through it, he's up to what he calls "the icky bit". That translates to him not wanting to read the last 10%. In his words, 'I stick the knife in and give it a good twist.' And he doesn't like reading that part. (It's not actually a knife... he's just being dramatic.)

Kinda want to go to the movies tonight. But don't think we have a baby sitter... yes I know Squealer is 14 now. I also know that all the other kids at 14 were more than capable of baby sitting their younger siblings, but they aren't Squealer. :)
We probably won't go.

I did manage a little bit of writing over the last day - working on the Admin Byte... little bit of fun to be had there.
Which reminds me... have no idea if Jayne read databyte yet or not. Might have to follow that up!

Heard from Royal New Zealand Blind Foundation - they'll send me the CD's for killerbyte as soon as they're ready. Exciting! Guess then I'll get to know who narrated it.

Turns out I have all the pictures for the soundbyte trailer in a project folder on my PC... just haven't managed to come up with the story board. Should be easy. Would be easy if I could think. Really want to do some short film clips - but can't find the right location.

That's about it really.

How's your weekend?

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