Wednesday, February 20, 2013

There's a whole lotta crazy going on

So today it was 27 degrees and change... bit warm.

Had a few things to sort out this morning regarding Breezy's school.
It's all done and dusted. Thank God.

This afternoon Squealer had a hospital appointment. Usual check up, nothing major. Turns out she is now well above average height and still well below average weight. Yeah, she's a super model.

On the way home there was a wasp on the bus. I didn't know. The bus was crowded we were standing. At Stokes Valley Squealer asked how long before our stop. At the next stop she told me about the wasp and asked that we get off. Considering she'd known about it the whole time and hadn't freaked out... but I could see she was about to, we got off. I thought we were 3km from home, turns out it is 4.9km - which explains my sore feet!
No one was planning on walking. Breezy and I wore jandals. Not ideal.
So we were walking... I spotted a diary and told Breezy we'd have an ice-cream because she wasn't a fan of the walking on a stinking hot day thing. Moments later she announces she needs to go to the toilet. We're in the middle of fucking nowhere! So we detoured to Heretaunga park (the nearest usable toilet), then walked up the River Trail home.
Did I mention it's hot?
Really, did I?

We made it home. To a very happy hound - who was also hot and in need of fresh air.

If anyone thinks I'm cooking dinner tonight they can think again.

Meanwhile... I did get some reading done while we waited at the hospital, so I have some notes for SOUNDBYTE.

Might get this reading finished this week. Just might.

Action Man is still reading he just text and said Director Doyle's first name is only used once. He's right. Dammit. Have remedied the issue now and it's explained who Chris Doyle is.

Usually this bit is the fun part for me. This time around it's not. Too much stress in my life right now to enjoy editing and the final reading.

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